Ver All, or Nothing at All - Pelicula completa gratis (2019)

'In All, or Nothing at All one can see the latest developments in the works of Margit Lukács and Persijn Broersen, exploring the hybridity, in image and sound, of the ultra-thin surface of digital photography in order to contemplate its role in shaping our experience and memory. Using the figure of the digital ruin in a game-like environment, the artists show the glitches and hollowness behind and between the sequential images. The artists, in between the striking beauty of the images and sound, show the viewer how photographs no longer count as documentation of the past but are an overpowering part of everyday reality, something to touch and interact with, but also something fluid, like water, mirroring something like a reality that we never seem to be able …

  • Broersen & Lukács

Lanzamiento: 2019-01-01
  • Country: NL
  • Language: en
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Imagenes de la Pelicula "All, or Nothing at All"