Ver พจมาน สว่างคาตา - Pelicula completa gratis (2020)

The horrifying and bloody horror story of Phochaman Sawatakata begins when Phojaman (Ko Tee Aram Boy), a cute little girl, travels from a rural country into Bangkok. In order to continue to study according to the wishes of his father ordered before his death By allowing Potjaman to live in the Baan Dok Mai Thong mansion with the family of Mom Amrapa Praewphanarai, Phanna Wiran Samanjit (Chaturong Photharam), which has a divine aunt. And then when Pojaman walked in to come to the flower house of Thong She met Mammals (Ekkachai Srivichai), Ying Jidry (Yingsak Chonglertjesadawong), a little man (Wiradit Sri Malai) with a physically disabled leg, slanted mouth, crooked and those servants who bullying the various poems Mae Cho Manee (Pach-Anon), the head of the housekeeper who holds the important secrets of Baan Dokthong

Lanzamiento: 2020-06-03
  • Country: TH
  • Language: ภาษาไทย
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