Ver Pilu Membiru Experience - Pelicula completa gratis (2019)

Kunto Aji and the team invited listeners to the Mantra Mantra album to tell stories. This time accompanied by Mas Adjie Santosoputro as a practitioner of inner healing, we gathered three friends who had quite a deep story about the song Pilu Membiru. Our goal is to bring them together with Mas Adjie, to consult, as well as to share inspiration with us, how they can get through difficult times, the lowest point in life and achieve sincerity. With a little surprise, my presence, Kunto Aji directly.

  • Surya Adi Susianto

  • Novanjoh

Lanzamiento: 2019-11-13
  • Language: Bahasa indonesia
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Kunto Aji
Kunto Aji
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Najwa Shihab
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