Ver Paris minuit - Pelicula completa gratis (1986)

A non-conventional crime thriller that offers a tour of Paris at night, Paris Minuit begins with a bank robbery in which three of the thieves are killed and two escape with minor wounds. The pair that get away are lovers (Frederic Andrei and Isabelle Texier) who opt for hiding out separately while the police are still looking for them. In order to keep in touch with each other, they have special drop-offs for postcards that encode their next meeting place (using classical poetry). Since the police are not authorities on poets of any period, they are hard put to find the duo. Family concerns start to intrude on the two wanted suspects, and all the while, even the opaque police are closing in.

  • Frédéric Andréi

Lanzamiento: 1986-04-16
  • Language: en
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