Ver Песня пра дружбу - Pelicula completa gratis (1941)

Fedya Yatsevich is going to a holiday home, his wife Lara - on a business trip to Zaraysk, for the whole summer. Their large apartment remains empty. At the same time, a friend of Larisa, Alesia, whom Lara persuadedto live in their apartment, was sent to the city from Zaraysk to the amateur olympiad. Fedya meets an old friend Ryhor Shemet and also allows him to live in his room, not knowing that Lara did the same with her friend. Living under the same roof, Alesya and Rygor begin to feel sympathy for each other...

  • Iosif Shapiro
  • Sergei Sploshnov

  • Ilya Brazhnin

Lanzamiento: 1941-01-01
  • Country: BY
  • Language: беларуская мова
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