Ver Стендап под прикрытием - Pelicula completa gratis (2021)

Since childhood, Svetka Artyukhova was teased for being overweight, and she chose the best way to take revenge - she became a cop. Now no one dares to laugh at her. And the opera Artyukhova herself jokes only to scare the detainees. But on the instructions of her superiors, Svetka will have to go on a stand-up tour under the guise of an administrator in order to reveal the drug sales scheme. A person who never smiles will have to be the errand for those who make jokes. The case is under special control, there is little time, and anyone can be a criminal. Sveta gets down to business with her usual simplicity, assertiveness and without any jokes.

  • Oleg Assadulin

  • Mikhail Zubko
  • Konstantin Trofimov

Lanzamiento: 2021-02-04
  • Country: RU
  • Language: Pусский
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Sveta Artyukhova
Kirill Nagiev
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Zoya Berber
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Sveta's potential boyfriend
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Drug dealer
Efim Shifrin
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Rostov authority
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Artyom's father
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Deputy Minister
Sergey Tereshchenko
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Egor Abramov
Egor Abramov
Kostya, Sveta's brother
Alexandr Mazaev
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Guest at the stand-up club

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