Ver Peach - Pelicula completa gratis (2013)

"A deeply personal film about my complex feelings about my boyfriend’s daughter Jojo, who is synaesthetic. Synaesthesia is an experience of cross-modal sensuality – of ‘seeing green’ or ‘tasting pink’, hearing colours or feeling smells as shapes. I think everyone is latently synaesthetic, and that certain ways of making cinema might be able to trigger the experience. Peach combines artisanal Super 8 filmmaking with complex emotions in an attempt to create ‘Cinesthetic Synaema’. The film’s title comes from a combination of things – the peachy colour of the film which is caused by the way it was made, Jojo’s different experiences of peach as a colour, and an affectionate name my mum gave me as a kid." — M.J.

  • Martha Jurksaitis

Lanzamiento: 2013-01-01
  • Language: en
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