Ver Bakken - Pelicula completa gratis (2021)

In three long, uninterrupted one-takes shot over a single summer’s day and night, the camera moves slowly through the park while the guests alternately react to the lens or try to ignore it. A gang of Pierrot clones mingle with the visitors. The film is an joint creation between students of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and the Danish Film School, initiated independently by the students. Using Bakken as a frame - historically, architecturally and socially - all the contributors helped develop the concept for both the film and the performative interventions in front of the camera, which are sometimes inseparable from the hedonistic and condensed semi-fictional universe that an amusement park is.

  • John Skoog
  • Ömer Sami
  • Claes Hedlund
  • Adrian Skarstad
  • Theodor Nymark
  • Mikkeline Daa Natorp
  • Rikke Norgaard Hansen
  • Mary Cvathe
  • Thomas Dyrholm
  • Niels Østergaard
  • Anna Rettl
  • Louis Franscisco Vernal
  • Yujin Jung
  • Mikkel Kruse
  • Bertram von Undall
  • Andreas Tang
  • Nanna Buch
  • Amr Hatem
  • Signe Raunkjær
  • Amin Zouiten
  • Sofus Agger
  • Rikke Nørgaard

Lanzamiento: 2021-04-22
  • Language: Dansk
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Imagenes de la Pelicula "Bakken"