Ver Re-dit-en-un-in-learning - Pelicula completa gratis (2021)

Kunsthal Charlottenborg and CPH:DOX present an exhibition with the French star artist Laure Prouvost, who will open the festival’s first day. Prouvost’s creative and unruly inner universe is expressed through art forms such as sculpture, installation and video - and always with characteristic roots in Prouvost’s own persona. Her brand-new video work ’Re-dit-en-un-in-learning’ is no exception. Here, she welcomes us to a learning centre that multiplies the absurdity of the education system with itself in a nonsensical New Public Management language, which the title also alludes to. With an iPhone video guide at hand and Prouvost as a teacher on the soundtrack, we are taught the relationship between objects and their meaning. A loaf of bread means work. ‘You know that,’ each new topic is authoritatively emphasised. But as soon as you think that it’s the Institution itself that is the object of Prouvost’s anarchist satire, her restless and unruly work changes direction.

  • Laure Prouvost

Lanzamiento: 2021-04-25
  • Language: Français
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