Ver God Disposes - Pelicula completa gratis (1912)

A young man of high social position sacrifices his home and family for a girl of the stage. Cast off by his family, the young man finds that he is not qualified to earn his living. In the meanwhile his wife grows ill, a child is born, and several years after, the man finds himself in narrow straits. He prepares to go out and burglarize a place. His child enters when he leaves his revolver on the table. The child plays with it as with a toy and then innocently removes the bullets. The father comes back and takes the revolver and goes out. Accidentally, the son breaks into his own father's office. The father happens to be working late that night. The son breaks in, tries to shoot his own father. By the intervention of God, the son is saved from a patricide.

  • Alice Guy-Blaché

Lanzamiento: 1912-02-23
  • Language: en
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Darwin Karr
Darwin Karr
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