Ver Luna negra - Serie completa gratis (2003)

Many years ago, a haunting letter-caster predicted a bright future to a young César Quintana, Luck will be with you for twenty-five years. You will achieve fame and fortune. but after the term, your son will have an accident, which will be the beginning of all your ills The woman got it right: César published her novel "El loft", winning with it a prestigious literary award. He married Almudena Velázquez, the wealthy heiress to a publishing mogul, managing the Eclipse publishing house. Both have a daughter named Lucía Quintana Velázquez, a beautiful, active, and noble young woman who is only encouraged by her mother to write a book. Lucia has suffered from congenital heart disease since she was little, which she has controlled thanks to the medication she takes.

Lanzamiento: 2003-09-29
Temporadas: 1
  • Language: en
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