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Inami is a French animated cartoon series about ecological issues in the land of Amazonia. The title character, Inami, is an 11-year-old boy, full of energy and learning how to become an adult member of the Bellacaïbos tribe. Other main characters include: ⁕Aminata, Inami's little sister, who mimics his actions ⁕Tatoon, Inami's pet armadillo, his totem ⁕Shimiwe, Inami's best friend ⁕Carras, the old and wise ⁕Hyaema, an 11-year-old girl of the Patami tribe, the hereditary enemy of the Bellacaïbos ⁕Moricas, the malicious shaman of the Patami tribe The stories deal with issues about new cultures, new environments and growing up. It was created in 2007, is directed by Michael Pillyser, is commercially offered by the French company Mediatoon. The series first aired in France on TF1 as part of the TFOU TV programming block. The series has also aired in Africa, Belgium, Hungary, Israel, Portugal and Turkey.

  • Country: FR
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