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Women's World was an Australian television series which aired from 1956 to 1963 on ABC. Originally broadcast in Sydney and later Melbourne, it would appear the last couple years of the series were only broadcast in Sydney. Some editions were made in Melbourne, but many were made in Sydney, and often telerecorded for Melbourne broadcast. The series was aimed at the housewives. For example, the 6 October 1959 episode was hosted by Joy Wren, featured a segment on cooking problems, a segment on knitwear, and music provided by Freddie Philips, a pianist. The Sydney-produced episode broadcast in Melbourne on 4 November 1959 featured Gwen Plumb as host, a segment on fashions in nylon, a book review and a piano interlude by Marie van Hove. Competition in the time-slot varied depending on which ABC station it was shown on, and also depending on when the episode was broadcast. The time-slot itself also varied during the run, and the show usually aired more than once a week. In Melbourne, the 4 November 1959 episode mentioned above, for example, aired against The Honeymooners on HSV-7 and Autumn Affair on GTV-9. In Melbourne on 15 August 1960, competition in the time-slot included The Abbott and Costello Show on HSV-7 and Western Round-Up on GTV-9 For an episode broadcast Monday 11 February 1963 in Sydney, competition in the time-slot included game show Say When on TCN-9, and game show Video Village on ANT-7.

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