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Karaoke Fishtank was a British late-night television show which based its format on music videos. The show was hosted by a computer animated fish called 'Vince Finn', who introduced each video in turn before it was played in a humorous manner, such as why Norman Cook is also known as 'Fatboy Slim'. In a separate introduction he defended Jennifer Lopez, saying her "arse" is not fat, and has muscle. He concludes this by asking the viewers, to "Just ask that fat bird from Emmerdale!". However, during the play of each video the lyrics would be shown at the bottom of the screen, while a bouncing-fish would move so the viewer if they chose to sing-along, would know what to sing and when. The graphics that produced the lyrics were made with the Windows application winOKE. The show was broadcast on Channel 4 late-night every Friday on their 4Later segments, and ran between 22 September 2000 - 4 February 2001. It was also created by Televirtual, a sister-company to Broadsword Productions, who were the team behind the CITV Anglia Television show Knightmare. Claire Zolkwer of Endermol Entertainment was the main producer and director.

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