Ver Tanto Amor - Serie completa gratis (2021)

In this novel we will see how love struggles to survive and overcome all obstacles. The Lombardo family is very wealthy and is one of the most recognized, everything in it is perfection, they maintain a quiet life. But from one moment to another everything starts to be chaos. The Lombard brothers will face each other, Alberto is the good brother, a man of honor, but his brother Bruno is full of envy and ambition. The trigger for everything is the love that Alberto and Mia have for each other, but who is Mia? She is a young woman who grew up in a humble family and when her father died, her family was received by the Lombards. There is a secret that many will try to protect at all costs that is why they will act against Mia and especially against her union with Alberto since it is a threat to their ambitions.

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