Ver Azúcar - Serie completa gratis (2021)

The story was written by Mauricio Navas and Conchita Ruiz, directed by Carlos Moreno and Mónica Botero, with executive production by Óscar Guarín. It is framed in the classic life of the Solaz, the sugar mills and the cane fields, where the tradition and culture of this beautiful Colombian region will also be shown. The plot revolves around the love affair between the patron Manuel María Solaz and the black woman Sixta Lucumí, who have Maximiliano, which triggers the rejection of the whole family for being of mixed origin. Manuel María's wife, Matilde, feeling betrayed, is responsible for snatching the child from Sixta, which causes this woman, driven by pain, to cast a curse on the Solaz family that will last for three generations.

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