Ver 我的甜蜜革命 - Serie completa gratis (2017)

Sick and tired of doing a job she doesn’t love for the past 20 years, 42-year-old biomedical researcher Yu Tin decides to quit her job and fulfill her dream of becoming a pastry chef.One day, she chances upon an ordinary-looking yet refreshingly tasty pastry. Determined to find out the recipe of this mystery pastry, she tracks down its creator, Hsiao D, and asks that Hsiao D accept her as his apprentice. Hsiao D decides to issue Yu Tin a series of challenges, to prove that she’s worthy of being his apprentice. Will Yu Tin crumble under the pressure, or will she rise to the challenge? Patisserie Fighting is a heartwarming comedy that centres around the duo’s transformation from bickering foes to close friends, with captivating visuals of mouth-watering sweet treats, and insider baking tips for aspiring bakers.

  • Rebecca Leow

Lanzamiento: 2017-04-17
Temporadas: 1
  • Country: SG
  • Language: 普通话
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