Ver ¿Dónde esta mi hija? - Serie completa gratis (2018)

The story is about the disappearance of Zeynep, the teenage daughter of renowned businessman Zafer Demiray. She was last seen on her father's birthday. That same night, Zeynep and her three cousins ​​went to a nightclub and when Suna, Zeynep's mother and her aunt Ipek, came to pick them up, they were surprised that Zeynep had disappeared without a trace. After the mysterious disappearance of Zeynep, the secrets and paranoias of all the members of the family begin to be revealed, revealing old confrontations that were thought to be overcome. From that day on, everyone will be suspected by the police: friends, cousins, uncles and even parents themselves.

Lanzamiento: 2018-04-13
Temporadas: 1
  • Language: en
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