Ver Deux, trois jours en ville - Serie completa gratis (2018)

How much can we learn about a European city and enjoy it in only two or three days? Probably a lot if you like racing around from one monument to the other and decide for little or no sleep at all. But what about going behind the postcard image of a city, walking away from some monuments in order to have a peep into the side alleys? and to get tips about less known but yet very typical parts of the town? This series will embark you on a trip to explore secret and apparently ordinary streets, bars, public places that yet make the specific atmosphere of each town. You will see, meet, try new experiences – unknown, little known sometimes quite odd for your personal standard. From the hospital for dolls in Lisbon, through Budapest day and night buzz, to the international diplomatic hub in Brussels, the series will make you travel, and understand how these cities have been changing and thriving. The streets of European cities will at last reveal their charm.

Lanzamiento: 2018-11-11
Temporadas: 1 2
  • Country: FR
  • Language: Français
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