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Hard to Be Me is an independently produced comedy-drama series created by and starring Edward Robert Bach. The show follows second year art student Kevin Hamilton and his vlog in which he tells the story of his week more through his art than his words. This device would frame future episodes of the show. This framing device has led to Hard to Be Me being called "the first web 2.0 television show" and is often cited by the director of the pilot episode Erik Cieslewicz as one of the main reasons he worked on the project. It has been described as "a little Gilmore Girls a little Everybody Hates Chris and a lot of famility-oriented funny," which is also often cited by the pilot's creators as a major component of the show. Currently being pitched to networks by an agent, Hard to Be Me has won a "slew of awards at film festivals."

  • Edward Robert Bach

  • Country: US
  • Language: En

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