Ver 3年B組金八先生 - Serie completa gratis (1979)

A legendary television series and cultural asset that first aired 32 years ago, Mr. Kinpachi in Class 3B is famous for putting many social issues on the front burner of the public conscious over its long run, as filtered through the emotionally volatile lives of third year middle school students. The heartfelt relations between a devoted schoolteacher, Kinpachi Sakamoto, and his unique students have won the show high praise for several decades. Whether due to the pressures of exams, family relations, teachers and friends, graduating middle school students navigate a turbulent hormonal sea of “hope” and “frustration”, constantly shaped by the social environment of the times. Standing as a beacon in the storm and emitting messages of hope for each generation is one Japanese teacher, Kinpachi Sakamoto, who has come to be adored and admired by a nation through the adventures of Class 3B.

Lanzamiento: 1979-10-26
  • Country: JP
  • Language: Ja
Tetsuya Takeda
Tetsuya Taked...
Kinpachi Sakamoto

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